Our History


Birthday Club Builders is the first licensee for iBirthdayClubs.com, Inc.

Phil has been working with  email marketing in a niche market for 20 years.  He traveled the country to serve garden centers and nurseries. 

Phil was introduced to Mark, founder of iBirthdayClubs.com in San Diego, California.

Phil heard how Mark had conquered all of the problems the email marketers faced.  Marks clients  built huge subscriber bases, and they  had great open rates.  There were nearly half a million club members in San Diego alone.

Under Mark’s direction, the iBirthdayClub.com team creates and prints custom sign-up cards, picks them up and makes sure each card is entered form their San Diego office.  Mark is assured each Club will be a success.  While Mark and the San Diego office has launched three other Southern California counties, Mark continues to travel to his clients places of business at regular intervals so he has a great gauge on what works.

Phil and Kimberly purchased a license from iBirthdayClub.com that allowed them to set up business in Upstate New York and the Grand Strand of South Carolina.

With our Licensee Agreement, BirthdayClubBuilders.com will follow what Mark started.  The San Diego Corporate office manages and develops the software, produces and prints the sign-up cards, and their design team creates the campaigns.  Mark is passionate about keeping the standards of customer service he built in San Diego to the same standards across the country.

Kim and Phil started in April of  2018 and have been adding new businesses each and every month since.  That means more and more website traffic and better returns for the participating restaurants.

About 2 times a year our team gathers at The Bay Park Fish Company in Mission Bay, California to take steps to make this program even better.

Expect great things to come!