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A Family Business

Birthday Club Builders is our passion.  As the first national Licensee of we started with one local diner in April of 2018.  We knew that if we could help our friend build an audience of 1,000 subscribers by Thanksgiving that we would sell enough catering in one day to pay for the entire cost of building the Birthday Club.

Phil's background is 25 years of Internet Marketing.  He has been an early adapter of all the principles of e-marketing.  He brings an excitement and a vision to small businesses.  In a short time you will see that he has a real gift for finding new customers and building more sales from existing customers. 

Kimberly has a background in organization and staff management.   Kimberly executes the strategies and makes sure there are no excuses for not hitting our marks.  Kimberly has had a long fondness for the "Promises Kept" credo that drives our business.

Mission Statement– We lead our customers to build and maintain better relationships with their customers.  Our programs will be of benefit to those we advertise to and those we advertise for.  We will relate to our clients as partners and align our success with them.

Personal:  We raised 7 kids (his, hers and theirs) We play golf, run one or two half marathons a year, spend our free time collecting shells on the beach.  We  have been blessed in many ways and we welcome the chance to be a blessing to others.We

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We know it's important to feel good about who you are doing business with.  If you would like to set up a meeting where we can get to know each other, please use our contact form.

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Our Team - Phil, Kim & Chris